Remember this: An awful lot of stuff that you, and me, and everyone here take totally and completely for granted is slightly north of voodoo to the rest of the world. Even the simple phrase “I make jewelry” can mean a myriad of things, and it’s up to US to layer onto that phrase, exactly WHAT it means, so don’t be shy.

Do you create:

“bright, bold adornments that feel as wonderful to hold as they do to wear”?

…or do you craft: 

“future heirlooms that will have stories spun about them and become ‘great-grandma’s necklace'”?

…or perhaps:

“create magic from the mundane, and make wearable memories for amazing people”?

Don’t be afraid to spin, and don’t be afraid to be just a little bit bombastic. Make your own magic. Close your eyes and imagine what your want your pieces to MEAN to the people who buy and wear them…