SEO Tip: Don’t forget to re-name your images. Remember, Google can’t see your images, but they can read your titles, so make them count. For instance, this earring shot:

… we call it MINSK, so our file name for it is “MINSK-Grape.jpg” All fine and good, but that doesn’t tell Google much. Let’s try it again for SEO purposes:


This has our style name, and company name, Swarovski crystal, the more likely Googled “purple”, and the generic description “crystal drop earrings”. This one covers most of the bases, and it’s very descriptive. Yes, it’s long, but Google doesn’t care. Google ‘bots are information vacuums, and this title gives them a lot of information. If they were sterling silver, we’d add that in as well.

Yes, this is tedious, and yes, it takes a lot of time, but it will pay off in your images showing up in Google search eventually. Begin doing this now, and start going back and re-naming your legacy images. It will be the best SEO task you undertake.

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